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One-Step Deployment. Integrated.

​Benefit from these advantages
  • No admin permissions for user required

  • Anti Malware/ Windows Smart-Screen friendly

  • Background-Updates

  • Wizard free (optional)

  • No thirdparty dependencies in your application

  • One-Step Packaging

  • Multi-Target Packaging

  • Auto-Repair

  • Easy to use Visual Studio Integration

  • Automate your release-process outside VS with simplDeploy.Packager

  • Optional NugGet-Package to enable In-App-Update-Check's

5.1 - Universal Deployments and .NET Core Support!

Whats new in Version 5.0.0

  • Create Universal Deployments that can be placed anywhere

Whats new in 5.1.6

  • Bugfix: Packager crashed with VS 2022 Version 17.9.1 and above. Dependency to System.Drawing.Common removed which caused the Crash.

Whats new in 5.1.5

  • Removed dependency on .NET Framework 4.5 upgraded to .NET Framework 4.7.2

Whats new in 5.1.4

  • New Option: You can ship pdb-files if needed

Whats new in 5.1.3

  • Bugfix: Universal-Install failed if package was not installed and started package was not of newest version

  • Added Strong Name for NugGet-Package

Whats new in 5.1.2​

  • Bugfix: simplDeploy.Mayor.exe.config was missing, which caused installer to crash silent, when .NET Framework 4.7.2 was not installed on the client. Now corresponding message appears.

Whats new in 5.1.0

  • Support for .NET-SDK-Projects (also called .NET Core)

  • Dependent on .NET Framework 4.7.2 (Before 4.6.2)

Whats new in 5.0.1

  • Bugfix: Removed http:// from visible url on landingpage for universal deployment

Issue with VS 2022 Version 17.9.1


There is an issue with the current Version of Visual Studio 2022. If you update your VS-Installtion to the Version 17.9.1 you will face the issue above if you tie-up your project.

This Issue is fixed with newest Version 5.1.6 also update your nuget-package simpldeploy.integration to Version 5.1.6

Checkout our Documentation > 4 - Automate your deployment for further information


Installing your software is easy. Not even for customers noticeable, as soon as you use simplDeploy.


Serve multiple customers at once. This simply happens with multiple deployment targets.


Stay in touch with your customers. Provision of features and fixes at short notice and reliably.

Are you missing something?

Check out our online documentation

If you're having a specific question about the tool not covered by the documentation, don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your patience.

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